A Word to the wise!

According to McAfee Canada’s 2013 Love, Relationships and Technology Survey (January 2013): http://mcaf.ee/canadastats

Canadians need to take precautions with what they post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create and upkeep a good digital reputation.

Sixteen (16) per cent of 18-24 year old Canadians know someone who has been fired because of personal images or messages that were posted online.

Thirteen (13) per cent of 18-34 year old Canadians are concerned that information/photos from their college days will catch up with them during their careers.

Forty one (41) per cent of Canadians do not have password protection on their devices.

Almost one in two (46 per cent) 18-34 year old Canadians claim to be concerned about personal online images or emails being seen by their colleagues or boss.

Thirteen (13) per cent of 18-24 year old Canadians have been confronted by a potential or existing employer about content on social media.