Commentary Seems like everyone has got an opinion about everything these days. The beauty and curse of the internet. Here is the rub. With newspapers, magazines and television, someone (the editor) was responsible for separating commentary from fact. These days that line has been blurred considerably because people can self-publish […]

The beauty and curse of the internet.

So your old firm(s) won’t give you a reference. This is a growing trend as recently reported in the media. More and more companies are refusing, as a matter of policy, to give references. What’s a candidate to do? Some have suggested asking for “personal” references from past colleagues. In […]

Can’t get a reference? Read this!

The executive search business is dead. There, I’ve said it. Well, maybe it’s not dead yet, but it’s certainly on life support. Many of you who know me might assume that because I have chosen to recently leave the executive search business in pursuit of career consulting that I am trying to […]

The job seekers new reality

  We have all seen the job ads whether online or otherwise, that say “ only those applicants selected for interview will be contacted” or something similar. This is a defense for the hundreds if not thousands of resumes that can result from one of those ads. The work involved […]

Respond to all applicants!

I know, I know, all the books say you have to maintain a “top of mind” profile on LinkedIn. But really, how many “eye tests”, “are you a genius?” and the like are we to be subjected to. I have often described LinkedIn as Facebook for business, But it’s not […]

A better LinkedIn?

When you are looking for a new career it’s critical that you understand your relationship to executive recruiters. Many people have a deep misunderstanding of the profession and are therefore disappointed in the “results” they get from those relationships. What follows are some basics. 1) The recruiter does not work […]

Think like a Recruiter

According to McAfee Canada’s 2013 Love, Relationships and Technology Survey (January 2013): Canadians need to take precautions with what they post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create and upkeep a good digital reputation. Sixteen (16) per cent of 18-24 year old Canadians know someone who has been fired because […]

A Word to the wise!