Job Search

I recently had lunch with an old friend that I had not seen in many years. Part of the reason for the lunch, (besides getting caught up), was for him to get my take on his place in the current employment market. As an employment professional with almost 30 years […]

Put no limits on Recruitment

As an employment professional I hear all manner of stories related to the business world. Some good, some bad. The two that follow are, in my opinion, egregious. Leonard had been looking for a job for some months. A senior sales manager, he had worked for several Fortune 500 companies […]

Life in the Trenches

Commentary Seems like everyone has got an opinion about everything these days. The beauty and curse of the internet. Here is the rub. With newspapers, magazines and television, someone (the editor) was responsible for separating commentary from fact. These days that line has been blurred considerably because people can self-publish […]

The beauty and curse of the internet.

So your old firm(s) won’t give you a reference. This is a growing trend as recently reported in the media. More and more companies are refusing, as a matter of policy, to give references. What’s a candidate to do? Some have suggested asking for “personal” references from past colleagues. In […]

Can’t get a reference? Read this!

The executive search business is dead. There, I’ve said it. Well, maybe it’s not dead yet, but it’s certainly on life support. Many of you who know me might assume that because I have chosen to recently leave the executive search business in pursuit of career consulting that I am trying to […]

The job seekers new reality

When you are looking for a new career it’s critical that you understand your relationship to executive recruiters. Many people have a deep misunderstanding of the profession and are therefore disappointed in the “results” they get from those relationships. What follows are some basics. 1) The recruiter does not work […]

Think like a Recruiter

Recently, I was out to lunch with a former client of my job search consulting practice. The theme of the lunch was to talk about my service and how I might deliver a better product. I am happy to report the review was very good. But one point stood out […]

Is the Telephone dead?

I hear it all the time, “I’m over 50 and I won’t get hired”. I encourage you to watch the two videos below. Just some background first. Jay Black (Jay & the Americans) was about 27 years old (circa 1965) when the first video was shot and about 72 years […]

Age & Job Search