Caution! Opinion piece ahead.   It’s hard to escape your past. When I was recruiting I used to say “it’s all about the proof”. When I interviewed a candidate and they made a claim I would always say ‘prove it’ I learned to never take anything on face value. The […]

It’s all about the proof.

Lets’ face it, 2016 was not a great year for many. Putting aside the worsening world situation, terrorism, instability, the unpredictable politics of many countries, and the loss of so many talented people, those of us who struggle to make a living are challenged with the ever changing face of […]

Welcome 2017 ?

The challenge in the employment field is that there is little hard evidence on some fundamental questions. In a business climate where we apply metrics to everything this seems counter-intuitive. One area where there is considerable disagreement is what the proper length for a résumé is. A quick internet search […]

What’s the right length for a Résumé

Don’t fool yourself, it’s still about the money. Recently I was having lunch with a dear friend who was a client of mine in my executive recruiter days. As usual he was asking challenging questions (a good conversation is pointless without them) one of which was ‘what is the most […]

It’s about the money!

My particular expertise is teaching and coaching people about job search. It is driven and fed by 25 years in the executive recruitment business. I have learned much in those years but like all professions there is a dichotomy between what is the conventional wisdom and what I actually think. […]

Job Search & Conventional Wisdom

Sunday May 3rd 2015 Special Notice A short time ago I regained control of this site. Not from hackers but from my hosting company. In a desire to protect me, a routine scan turned up malicious files in my account. As it turned out those files were not in use […]

Site operational again

I know, I know, all the books say you have to maintain a “top of mind” profile on LinkedIn. But really, how many “eye tests”, “are you a genius?” and the like are we to be subjected to. I have often described LinkedIn as Facebook for business, But it’s not […]

A better LinkedIn?