Common Courtesy and the Common Telephone

It’s an epidemic.

The unreturned phone call is now the rule, not the exception.

How did it come to this?

First, there is a certain business chic in being able to say “I’ve been so busy and couldn’t return your call” It seems to makes people feel important, to important to return phone calls.

Secondly, there has been a decline in plain old fashion manners. Modern business has become a refuge for the discourteous, mean spirited, it’s always about me business person.

Modern business people seen to avoid the phone. Some because they either think or actually have terrible phone skills. Some because they are convinced that the phone disrupts their work.

Whatever the reason the chances that your phone call will be returned in this day in age is slim indeed.

Why is this a problem? It’s a big problem if you are the caller. You have called for a reason and to be ignored is frustrating and maddening, but the thing is we are all callers at some point. So if you have ignored a call and not returned it be prepared to be treated in kind.

I wish I could offer a solution. It may be part of the times we live in that the telephone, and the telephone conversation is a lost art. I hope not.