Job Search Training

Job search is a skill to which most people never become proficient. Losing a job is a traumatic experience that, thankfully, doesn’t happen often enough that people can get good at it. I can help you get on track quickly to “hit the ground running” so that your job search can be executed as efficiently as possible.

My approach, having its roots in psychology and sociology, is based on a methodology that focuses on practical solutions and problem solving – not on the problems themselves. It is designed to be common sense, so that clients navigate career roadblocks with agility and not get slowed down by negative thinking.

Career Labs’ approach is personally based. There is no “cookie cutter” program and no manual. Each program is based on discussions we have with you – the client.

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Please be advised that I will be discontinuing the résumé and LinkedIn preparation services offered by CareerLab effective November 30, 2016.