Modern retail and why I’ll never shop at Sears again

I have never had a problem returning something to Amazon. Their return policy is as close to bulletproof as is possible. The online world on the most part gets this part of the customer experience and pays attention, especially Amazon.

Let me contrast this with a recent experience at Sears Canada. Our one year old Kenmore upright Vacuum needed to be repaired. After six weeks in a repair depot we were told that parts were no longer available and that the unit would be replaced. I was instructed to take it back to the store where it was purchased for a replacement. When I did so I was informed that they had no Kenmore’s in stock (this is their brand remember) and it would be ordered and delivered to my home. I was instructed to take my old unit back home and that I would be contacted in 48 hours to arrange delivery and pickup of the old unit. That was two weeks ago. Yesterday, in an effort to find out the status of my replacement I called customer service who, after several minutes told me to go back to the store. Not wanting to waste any more time I called the store, spoke to the manager who promised to call me back in 5-10 minutes with an answer as to the status of my replacement, that was 24 hours ago.

There are a couple of things worth noting. First, for the sake of brevity I have shortened the story considerably. Second, this all began July 7, 2017. Third I have done everything that Sears has asked me to do.

Well, I’m done. I am not going to pursue this any more. It occurred to me that based on my hourly rate I’m seriously in deficit. I could have purchased two new vacuums and still come out ahead based on the number of hours I have now invested in this “project”

LinkedIn is a professional network and while this is a personal story, I tell it in a business context. I am tired of the bricks and mortar world whining about how bad business is. If they want to know at least one reason why, see above.

As for Sears, you have lost my business… FOREVER.

Update: September 26 2017, Nothing from Sears yet!

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