Respond to all applicants!


We have all seen the job ads whether online or otherwise, that say “ only those applicants selected for interview will be contacted” or something similar.

This is a defense for the hundreds if not thousands of resumes that can result from one of those ads. The work involved in responding to every potential candidate is overwhelming. But are companies missing out on a golden opportunity?


Marketers these days are tripping all over themselves to “engage” their customers in any way they can, and yet the HR departments are thoughtlessly disposing of potential customers, sometimes hundreds at a time. These are people that have expressed an interest in your company that is greater than most; they wanted to work for you! Why wouldn’t you want to engage with them? Send them a thank you with a product coupon, a sample, something, anything, rather than just letting them slip through your fingers. The possibilities are endless.

The next time your company recruits, look at it as not only a talent acquisition opportunity, but a customer acquisition opportunity as well. Your bottom line may thank you.