Think like a Recruiter

When you are looking for a new career it’s critical that you understand your relationship to executive recruiters. Many people have a deep misunderstanding of the profession and are therefore disappointed in the “results” they get from those relationships.

What follows are some basics.

1) The recruiter does not work for you. They work for, and get paid by, the hiring company. While good recruiters concern themselves with the well being of the candidate(s) it will profit you to remember how the recruiter makes his/her living and where their responsibility lies.

2) Follow-up, again and again and again. Most recruiters are too busy (or think they are) to return the phone calls of candidates who are not involved in an active search. As irksome as you may find this, that’s the way it is. Recruiters are commission driven animals and spend little time on “”unproductive” activities. As the job seeker, it is your task to follow-up and make yourself “top of mind”

3) When you send your resume to a recruiter put your name on it. An e-mail file called resume.doc is one of hundreds that come in with the same name. If you make it hard for the recruiter to notice you, you won’t get noticed. firstname_lastname.pdf is the format you want to send.

4) Executive recruiters have absolutely no patience for arrogance, so check your attitude at the door.

5) If you don’t give a recruiter a compelling reason to meet you, they won’t.

6) Make it easy for the recruiter to reach you.

7) Make it easy for the recruiter to meet you.

8) Don’t say that you are interested in a job that your not, and certainly don’t proceed in a job search assignment that you have no intention of accepting. The kiss of death for a recruiter.

9) If all of this seems too much to bear, refer to rule number 1.