Welcome 2017 ?

Lets’ face it, 2016 was not a great year for many.

Putting aside the worsening world situation, terrorism, instability, the unpredictable politics of many countries, and the loss of so many talented people, those of us who struggle to make a living are challenged with the ever changing face of business.

As an employment professional I am particularly sensitive to these challenges.

I am sure that every generation thinks that “the good old days” were better than now. That’s the nature of memory and the fondness for youth.  That being said there is no doubt that business is getting harder. From the so called “disruptive” businesses that can wipe out old sectors in months, to the, for lack of a better phrase, increasing ruthlessness of everyday business interactions, it seems that making a living is harder than ever.

My experience as a career coach is that fear, fear of losing one’s job drives much of what is wrong with modern business. As a consequence civility is virtually non existent in the modern workplace as modern business people try to meet the expectations of profit obsessed companies who care not for the the old social contracts, it’s business for it’s own sake.

I am reminded of that phrase from the Godfather, ‘it’s not personal…it’s just business’ For those unfamiliar with the reference the implication is that ANYTHING is ok in the pursuit of business. Sadly, I think we are there.

How many of you have had the following experiences:

  • People you have known for years don’t or won’t return your correspondence
  • Customers who drop you without so much as the courtesy of a phone call
  • Superiors who seem to not care that you have a life outside of your workday
  • Co-workers who don’t seem to mind sabotaging your career for their own ends

The list could go on and on.

Why the downer at the beginning of a new year when we are all supposed to be spouting optimism? Because I think all of us would like things to be better and only by facing reality can we move forward.

For myself, I commit to changing my own small part of the world. Hopefully it catches on.
And with that…Happy New Year!

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